Pamela Diamante

Pamela Diamante, born in Bari in 1985, lives and works in Bari.

She graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari in 2016.

Previously, she worked in the Italian army for five years.

In 2019 she won the the Artists Development Programme  of European Investment Bank, in 2017 the Italy-Argentina Art Award from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and, in 2015, she was awarded the National Arts Award by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Pamela has exhibited in solo and group shows internationally - for instance at PAC Museum (Milan, 2020), at the Visual Arts Development Center (Havana, 2015), MAXXI (Rome, 2016), Kooshk, (Teheran 2017) and Concretespace (Miami, 2019).

Her most recent solo show was “Le origini, la terra, il mare” nel 2020 for the project Sta Come Torre powered by Regione Puglia - Sezione Turismo e realized by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese.

Her artistic practice is based on the concept of complexity, where theories of systems, emerging phenomena, accidental and unpredictable events, are essential.
The hybrid languages, through videos, photographs and site-specific installations, which reflect the relation between scientific axioms and the analysis of mass communication methods.